A map showing the Colorado Trail where ohn Voss will embark on a 286 mile hike to raise money for Food for the Poor. John will be covering the areas from section 1-18.

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St. Paul's member, John Voss, recently embarked on a hiking trip to raise money for Food for the Poor. John is seeking pledges to Food for the Poor per mile he hikes with a goal to hike 286 miles. Below John shares information about his trip, mission, and goal.


"I'm going to attempt to hike a portion of the Colorado Trail, about 286 miles. I need to cover at least 11 miles a day to get this accomplished in my time frame, in the 27 days I'll be gone. I'll only be in town two times during my hike just long enough to resupply for food. I'm planning no days off. I ask that you pray for my health, primarily my feet; hiking is hard on feet. Blisters and black and or lost toenails does happen. Feet issues can cause failure.


After church [on July 26] I took a quick count of the pledges that I received, and it was for $6.63/ mile. I never dreamed it would ever be that much.  I've received more pledges since then raising the total up to over $8 a mile. It left me very humbled that my church family would care so much about the poor.  The poorest of the poor. The trail can be mentally hard also.  Please pray.  A person can have some injuries, be tired, be wet, be lonely, miss my people, and it can really drag you down.  It causes people to seriously examine what in the world their doing.  


I asked for pledges, and I got a lot laid on me.  I accept that responsibility with joy and much more seriousness.  I'm taking a much deeper look at what I set out to do. Every morning when I'm on the trail, I'm going to crawl out of my tent and tell myself, if I walk today, someone eats.  If I stay in my tent all day,  someone will go hungry."

Please support John during his mission hike through your prayers. If you did not have a chance to make a pledge and would like to do so, you can drop off or mail those to the church office: 639 N. Lincoln, PO Box 379, Cheney, Kansas 67025. 


639 N Lincoln St, Cheney, KS 67025