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The teachers, parents and children work hard to make the experience while you are attending St. Paul's a very memorable one. Throughout the year there are many special events that we do as a family that will create great memories that you and your child will have long after their school years have ended. 

DVD Day - Dad's Volunteer Day is a yearly event that the kids really look forward to because they get to spend the day with their dads. Dads come for part or all day and help the kids with special things around the school and in the classroom.


Thanksgiving Meal - Prepared by the students (and lots of help from parents) and served at a special Thanksgiving Meal for students family and friends oft St. Paul's.


Holiday Parties throughout the year for students hosted by parents and/or family members.

Talent Shows are usually done once a year. Give the kids a chance to preform any talent they might have to just have fun reading a poem or doing a skit with their friends.


Mission Projects - The children are taught the lesson of giving to others by taking part in special mission projects, community service projects and just being kind to each other in everyday interaction with each other in the classroom.


Spelling Bee & Forensics - Grades 1-8 have the opportunity to participate in the spelling bee competitions with other area schools and 6-8 in Forensics.


Art Fair - In April everyone in grades 2-8 will enter one of their works of art in the Valley 9 art contest. They compete with other schools in Valley 9 and will be judged.


Science Fair - Students, K-8 will prepare a science fair project that will be judged. This event is one just for St. Paul's students. It is very interesting to see what each student chooses for a project. (Every other year)

Musical - Mrs. Hillman, the music teacher, does an excellent job of picking out a Christian Musical that is performed in the Spring. All the children take part in this musical by having individual speaking rolls, solos or by singing as a group. They always do such a great job. (Every other year)


Play Day - Every year grades K-8 have a play day track meet were other christian schools are invited to participate with them in many events. They have the opportunity to get 1st though 5th place ribbons in these events. It is a fun day for parents and students that is looked forward to each year and remembered by the students for a lifetime.


Year End Campout - Grade 4th-8th go on a campout at the end of each year. The kids take part in the cooking and cleaning. Many activities are planned and directed by Keith Jopp (former principal), parents and teachers. From building their own castle in the woods to walking a tight rope on the obstacle course, to canoeing in the river the kids have a wonderful time. At night, we make a bonfire where we sing camp songs, worship the Lord, roast marshmallows and, as tradition would have it, listen to scary “Hook” stories told by Keith.


and Much Much More!

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