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Every year the fundraising committee and school families host a few fundraisers. These events are anything from selling Christmas cards and gift items to a Chili Cook Off and Italian Dinner.

The money that is raised from PTL fundraising opportunities go towards paying for items at the school such as AR books, computer updates, keeping up the facility, bus and transportation, field trips, sport fees, curriculum and many other budgeted items. PTL also raises money by running the concession stands at ballgames and track meets and we do several auction concession stands in the area to raise money.


The money that is raised from our PTL fundraising opportunities go toward paying for items at the school such as AR books, computer updates, keeping up the facility, bus and transportation, field trips and many other budget items. There are many ways you can help, one is by taking part in some of our on-going fundraising opportunities. Listed below are some of those opportunities that we would greatly appreciate you helping us with.



You can put any aluminum cans that you have saved in the large dumpster on the west parking lot of the church and we will take those cans in and turn them into cash. We then use that money for community service projects within Cheney.


ScripCards are just like the gift cards you get in stores but buy them from us and St. Paul's will get anywhere from 2% to 18% of the cards value, depending on the merchant. Choose from 100's of merchants, Walmart, Target, Sears, Best Buy, Applebee's and so many more. 

Keep this in mind for Birthdays, Anniversaries, graduations, or just for your everyday purchases.


With, 1¢ of every search can go to St. Paul's Lutheran School. With GoodShop, up to 37% of each purchase can go to help the school. There are more than 700 great stores (Target, Best Buy, ebay, etc.) Go to these sites and put St. Paul's Lutheran School for your donation location. They add up quicker than you may think.


Jim's Bucks are like prepaid gift cards that can be redeemed for groceries at Jim's Foodliner in Cheney. When you redeem these cards, 4% cash goes to the school. Jim's Bucks are sold in Church every 2nd and 4th Sundays.


Save Box Tops off of 100's of grocery items, bring them to school and they can be redeemed to purchase items for the teachers and students. You can put your collected box tops in the box at the school or give them to a teacher.


Save your Best Choice labels and St. Paul's can redeem them for supplies for the teachers and students at St. Paul's Lutheran School. You can put your collected labels in the box at the church or give them to a teacher. Best choice products are offered at Jim's Foodliner in Cheney.


Shoparoo is a free iPhone and Android app that turns 

pictures of your grocery shopping receipts into donations to the school or charity of your choice. It's quick, easy, and convenient – shop anywhere you want, buy whatever you normally buy. Just take a quick moment to snap a quick picture of your receipt and voila, you've made an instant cash donation to our school.


That's it – no clipping, collecting, following up, mailing or guilt for asking someone to buy something they don't want!

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