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We, as Christian educators, believe that man is born in sin, sins daily, and is totally helpless to save himself. However, God in His grace and love sent His Son to redeem man through His life, death, and resurrection.

By faith each individual receives forgiveness of sin and the promises of heaven. Because of this, the forgiven man gains the capacity for Christian love and demonstrates this love as he lives among his fellow man. We realize that Christ died for all but not all have accepted His gift. Christian education therefore, must be for those that both believe and don't believe, that they may hear the Word and let the Holy Spirit work faith in their hearts.

We believe also that man has certain needs. Spiritually, he needs to be led to repentance and nurtured in the Gospel. Physically, he needs to be made aware of his abilities and concerns of his God-given body. Mentally, he needs to be shown God's handiwork and appreciate the world in which he must live.

Man lives in a changing world. In teaching, we must always remember this since a person must learn to adjust to change. We must not, however, forget the important thing is to teach how to live and not only how to make a living. God's whole creation was designed to give Him honor and glory and so was man. God has called us to be His children and to live a life to His service.


Even though the school is not solely responsible for the needs of the child, we are vitally concerned with all the needs and seek to enable the child to grow to maturity in all. The religious aspect of education must touch the needs of God's children in all areas of learning.


Parenthood is a sacred trust with which the Lord as blessed you. The duties and responsibilities of child rearing are yours. St. Paul's Lutheran School wishes to assist you in these obligations by providing the best possible education for your child - a Christian Education. It is our sincere desire that your child be taught a Christ-centered way of life in a Christian atmosphere by mature Christian teachers who are free to exercise their faith in actions, thus supplementing the nurturing that you as parents have faithfully begun. As teachers, some of our remaining objectives are listed in three categories: relation to God, to himself, to his fellow man.

The Child in Relation to God

  • Lead the child to appreciate the wonder of God's creation and His great love in sending Jesus as our Savior from sin.

  • Lead him to trust and believe in Jesus as his personal Savior, and grow in the love of God.

  • Teach the child to speak to God in prayer in every situation and live a Christian life through the help of the Holy Spirit.


The Child in Relation to Himself

  • Develop in him the desire to tell others of the love of Jesus.

  • Help the child to understand his body and accept responsibility for its health, safety, and recreation.

  • Help him develop self-discipline and self-control.

  • Give him the opportunity to work with all kinds of materials for creative expression and expose him to the fine arts.

  • Help the child develop good thinking habits, gain knowledge, and use communication tools.

  • Help the child build self-acceptance and understanding to develop a happy and secure philosophy of life.

The Child in Relation to Others

  • Lead the child to recognize all people as God's creatures and show respect, courtesy, and consideration for their rights and welfare.

  • Teach the child to recognize all people as God's.

  • Teach the child to respect parents, pastors, teachers and all in authority as God's representatives.

  • Teach the child to love and honor his flag, and serve his country by being a faithful, trustworthy child in God in home, school, and community, reflecting the faith within him.

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