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Our purpose

In His Hands provides childcare and educational services to children ages 3 through 5 (prior to entering kindergarten) as a nonprofit organization.  A day of care includes hands-on learning opportunities within the sheltering and nurturing relationship of Christian love. Each child is a gift from God who must be allowed to grow and learn at his/her own rate.  In His Hands will encourage and assist each child to grow and develop in all areas.


In His Hands strives to develop and foster spiritual, intellectual, physical, social, and emotional growth.  In His Hands will work with parents to equip their children to be more productive members of God’s kingdom.

A typical day at In His Hands includes each of the following:

Jesus Time:
A Voyages curriculum is used to teach the children that Jesus loves them and is their Friend. He is real, always near, and has power to help little children, mommies, daddies, teachers, and grandparents. Most importantly, we teach that Jesus is our Savior who takes away our sins. The curriculum is set up in 36 weekly units, in which Bible stories are taught in chronological order. The Bible is taught as one big story, which tells about God’s love for us as shown in His plan for our salvation. Jelly, a friendly puppet, helps to show how the Bible message applies to children’s lives today. Twice a month, we join the school kids in Chapel.

There is no set curriculum that is used during literacy circle and centers. They center on a yearly theme, which is divided into weekly units. One letter is taught each week, (in no particular order) while focusing on this letter, children are taught to recognize the capital letter. For those that will be entering Kindergarten the following year, the lowercase letter is introduced, as well as the sound it makes. Some activities that may occur include a letter hunt, brainstorming words that have that beginning sound, and some letter art.

Math & Science:
There is no set curriculum used during math circle and centers. Throughout the year, children become familiar with counting to 25 and beyond, recognizing numbers, and understanding how many that is. Children also learn to recognize the basic colors and shapes. Some terms that are introduced to the children include sorting, measuring, ordering, position words, estimating, and more


A Pre-K Get Set for School (part of Handwriting Without Tears) curriculum is used to develop a strong foundation in letter formation that is developmentally appropriate. It is designed to be a year of preparation in a playful way that is child-friendly. It follows a developmental sequence when introducing how to correctly write letters. Every capital letter can be properly formed using only 4 strokes, a big line, little line, big curve, and little curve. We start with those that use lines only, proceed on to letters that contain curves, and end up with those letters that require a diagonal stroke.


Another portion of the day is art time, both free and directed. Some days we have an end goal in mind for art time. Other times, children are able to choose what they would like to create and focus in on the process. We use a variety of materials, such as playdoh, stencils, watercolor, paints, yarn, feathers, and more.
Music and movement is part of each day as well. Children are given the opportunity to utilize instruments while singing and dancing.
Outdoor play allows the children a chance to use age appropriate playground equipment in a fenced-in area.

Free Time:

One important part of the day is Free Choice time. Children within this age range learn through play. They are given time to choose which area of the room to play in, reading corner, house and dress-up, blocks, or others. We offer several manipulatives that encourage natural development, such as lacing, puzzles, interlocking cubes, pattern pieces, and much more.

Meet our Staff


HOLLIE JUDD | director 

St. Paul's In His Hands preschool teacher & director, Hollie Judd, graduated from Emporia State University with a Bachelor's degree in Elementary Education and Early Childhood Education. She has been teaching just under 20 years, with more than half of that with preschoolers. One of her favorite things is being able to facilitate young learners and watch as they discover new things and have that lightbulb moment. She grew up in Sterling and enjoys life in a small town. She lives in Kingman and has been married to Jerry for almost 20 years. They have 3 children, all of whom have attended St. Paul's. As a family, they enjoy game nights, vacations together, and NASCAR. They attend and are very involved in their church in South Hutch.

JENNIFER PETERS | asst. teacher 

Jennifer Peters is a member of St. Paul's. She is the wife and mother of 3 children all attending St. Paul's School. She has been at In His Hands for a couple years and is enjoying her time. 

JAYLA KRUEGER | afternoon aide 

Jayla Krueger is a Cheney High School graduate and has been working at In His Hands for 1 year.


LaRae Galloway is a wife and mother of 5, all of whom have or are attending St. Paul's School. 

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