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We feel that each parent is vitally interested in the education of his/her children. The purpose of our PTL (Parent/Teacher League) is to foster a closer relationship between parents and teachers in the interest of the child's education and welfare. Therefore, by the enrollment of the children in school, it is the parent's privilege, opportunity and responsibility to be an active member of this organization.


PTL Meetings - Become a Member!

All parents are welcome and encouraged to attend! Join us as we plan the school years activities and fundraisers. Refreshments served! Kids welcome, babysitting is available!

Meetings are held on the second Tuesday of each month at 7:00 pm at the school


PTL Fundraising

The PTL at St. Paul's Lutheran School is very active. The PTL makes it possible for our school to update its computer lab, buy new playground equipment, fund the bussing for wichita students, fund field trips, fund the sporting events and help with other items that arise in our school. They run the concession stands at ballgames and track meets and also run concession stands at area auctions and have several other fundraisers throughout the year to raise money.


See the Fundraising Page for more details on the plans for this school year

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